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Rachel Gozhansky

Rachel Gozhansky is a freelance illustrator, presentation and information designer working in Austin, TX. Rachel has over 10 years of experience working in the design and advertising industries. Prior to breaking out on her own in 2016, Rachel has held positions in presentation design, graphic design, digital production, project management, and brand research and strategy. Rachel’s recent move to freelance was driven by a desire to focus on the areas of design where she has the most aptitude—illustration and visual storytelling.

Rachel has been drawing and creating since her earliest days. However, she is also analytically and mathematically minded. Rachel has been told that one of her greatest strengths is an ability to look at large sets of data or information and pull out the key elements to best tell the story. This strength combined with Rachel’s design experience and illustration talents have helped her to excel as a presentation and information designer.

In 2008, Rachel took a sojourn from advertising and design in order to pursue and receive a legal degree from the University of Maryland. Rachel was, and still is, interested in the area where the law intersects with the fluidity and undefined nature of the internet. In law school, Rachel focused on cyber law and intellectual property rights, and held internships with two premier internet rights organization. However, she ultimately realized that her strengths and joys are related to visual creation and chose to return to the design industry.

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“ I see every day as an opportunity to learn something new and I believe learning by doing is the best approach. My favorite days are those in which I get to experience or try something I’ve never done before. ”

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