Virtual Employee Orientation

ClientConnections Education


ContributionGraphic Design, UI, Illustration

ToolsAdobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

The Connections Education (CE) Virtual Employee Orientation Training is an animated, task based simulation that leads new employees through a virtual office. Employees are greeted by their mentor, Dylan. Dylan instructs employees about the company overall and assigns the employee tasks to encourage engagement and learning. As employees tour the virtual office environment, they are introduced to other key department heads who can instruct them on the nuances of that department. The instructional designers felt animated illustration was the ideal medium for this training, as opposed to photography or video, in order to prevent the need for frequent updates when team leads changed over and to better mimic the open world video game concept they wished to recreate.

Rachel was responsible for illustrating all of the scenes, designing the user interface based on rough wireframes from the instructional designers, modifying an existing set of character illustrations and illustrating new characters. The style of the illustrations was driven by a set of character illustrations from Shutterstock—ID 102194014.

CE provides virtual education solutions for students in K-12. CE’s Multimedia Standards & Design (MS&D) team is responsible for producing interactive tutorials and tools designed to engage students and support online learning. MS&D is also responsible for creating all employee, student and parent trainings.

screenshot of the employee orientation with user interface framework. In this scene, Dylan, the mentor, greets employees in the office lobby

In the above scene, Dylan, the mentor is greeting the employee (orientation user) in the lobby. The above also includes a mock-up of the user interface (UI).

Below are examples of additional scenes and illustrations from the Virtual Employee Orientation without the UI overlay.

In this scene Quinn is in an elevator with the employee telling them about Connections Education. Or in otherwords, Quinn is delivering the company's elevator speech. In this scene, Riley is introducing the employee to the Human Resources Department. A hallway scene with bulletin board and doorways. A lunchroom scene with an employee from every company department.