Foundation Communities Resident Manual

ClientFoundation Communities


ContributionGraphic Design, Illustration, Copy Editing

ToolsAdobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator

Rachel was hired to design three new single sided fliers for the Foundation Communities Resident Manual. The resident manual is comprised of six fliers that are placed in a unit before new residents move in. The manual is intended to educate new residents about their new home and its focus on ecofriendly living. The original set of four fliers was designed by an Austin firm called EcoRise. Rachel matched the style of the original fliers with her new designs in order to create a seamless package.

The three fliers Rachel designed include a cover page for the manual with contact information and a property map. The custom content included in these two fliers mean that new versions need to be created each time Foundation Communities opens a new housing community.

Foundation Communities is a nonprofit that builds and manages affordable housing developments with free on-site support services to empower its residents to achieve educational success, financial stability, and healthier lifestyles.

the welcome page of the resident manual
the flier about energy effiency
flier with a map about the property and the surrounding area