Foundation Communities Lakeline Station Learning Center

ClientFoundation Communities


ContributionGraphic Design, Presentation Design, Copy Editing

ToolsAdobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator

The Lakeline Station Learning Center was designed and built to achieve Petal Certification under the Living Building Challenge. Rachel was tasked with designing a series of interior and exterior signs, a brochure, and a slideshow presentation to teach visitors and occupants about the project and highlight how the center meets the ultrasustainable building standards of the Living Building Challenge.

Foundation Communities is a nonprofit that builds and manages affordable housing developments with free on-site support services to empower its residents to achieve educational success, financial stability, and healthier lifestyles.

the front page of the Lakeline Station Learning Center brochure

Above: The front page of the Lakeline Station Learning Center single page brochure.

Below: A series of images and photos of the interior and exterior signs. Each sign describes a building feature aligned with 1 of the 5 petal performance areas—water (blue), energy (yellow), waste (green), air quality (red) and harvest (orange).

a blue sign about the building's rainwater harvesting capabilities a yellow sign about the building's energy efficiency a red sign about the building's metal grates. exterior view of the building with a blue water droplet shaped sign on the cistern about rainwater harvesting and an orange sign in the garden describing the various native and adaptable edible plants. photo of the two signs located at the entrance green interior sign pictured in the space three of the signs pictured in the space

Below: PowerPoint slideshow of the Lakeline Station Learning Center's sustainability features that runs on a TV screen within the center.