Nexus Academy, Facilities Redesign Survey Results

ClientNexus Academy, Connections Education


ContributionGraphic Design, Data Visualization, Data Analysis, Print Production

ToolsAdobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign

a screenshot of the virtual digital scale with an empty beaker on the scale

Nexus Academy, a division of Connections Education (CE), is a public high school that blends classroom and online education. Nexus Academy has 7 locations throughout Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.

After completing their first full year of operations, CE conducted a survey of all Nexus Academy Schools to gain input from students and staff on the space design, equipment and furniture, and safety and security features. Rachel was tasked with creating a report from the raw survey results that visually communicated the findings for review by company executives. The final report was 203 pages and contained 8 sections: the combined results as well as a section for each school. Each section included visualizations of all the survey questions and responses as well as summaries highlighting the key findings and take-aways that Rachel identified when analyzing the data.

The study results are confidential so Rachel has only included sample report pages with greeked text.