School Records Retention Training Video Presentation

ClientConnections Education


ContributionStoryboarding, Illustration, Presentation Design and Animation, Screencapture, Video Editing and Publishing

ToolsMicrosoft PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Camtasia

A selection of slides from a training video on the proper retention of school records. Audio and actual video footage was not included for confidential purposes. These slides and the resulting video were created as an immediate solution to train employees on this legal issue until the Connections Education (CE) training team could build a more robust interactive training. Content written by the CE Legal and HR departments. Storyboard, slides, illustrations and animations designed by Rachel.

In 2015, the Multimedia Standards & Design (MS&D) training team began working on an interactive training to replace this video.

CE provides virtual education solutions for students in K-12. CE’s MS&D team is responsible for producing interactive tutorials and tools designed to engage students and support online learning. MS&D is also responsible for creating all employee, student and parent trainings.